Meghan Markle has ‘mistaken’ her popularity for a position’

Meghan Markle has come under fire for having mistook her popularity for a position.

The conversation began when royal commentator Andrew Morton drew comparisons between Prince Harry and Diana’s interviews.

He started by branding it ‘frank bafflement’ and admitted, “So many of [Harry and Meghan’s] statements just didn’t add up to me.”

He admitted to Vanity Fair, “So it was very different to the Diana interview, which came from her heart and came at a point when she’d already discussed much of it for Diana: Her True Story.”

During the course of the chat, he also pointed out the sheer differences between Harry and Charles’ position, and reiterated, “You’ve also got to remember that Diana and Charles are more important people for the monarchy and for the nation than Prince Harry or Meghan will ever be because of their position.”

“They were future king and queen. When you’ve got the future queen saying that the future king is not fit for the job, then that is something that you have to take very seriously.”

“Harry’s allegations of racism, given what’s going on with reparations for the slave trade and so on, did strike a chord. [But] everything is about context, and there was no context for those allegations.”

Before concluding Mr Morton also claimed, “Harry and Meghan always mistook popularity for position. Harry will never be king. As every year passes, he becomes less relevant to the monarchy. Just like Prince Andrew, who was once second in line to the throne.”

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