Ahsan on artists being criticised for ‘not helping flood victims’ | The Express Tribune

Actor Ahsan Khan has something to say about the ongoing criticism on actors flying out of the country for an award show in time of a national emergency. 

“It goes without saying that all efforts in personal and professional capacity have been ongoing and shall continue towards the flood relief drive. A percentage of my hosting here will also go towards the same flood relief,” the Udaari star shared in a statement. 

He added, “However, I want to clearly state that we need to understand and start treating people’s professions with the same respect that is bestowed upon other industries. We aren’t questioning why a textile person or any other segment is going to work during the tragic situation in our country, yet actors are being asked why they are attending the event. Think about that for a second. Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Previously, several artists including Ushna Shah addressed the matter. “It’s quite disconcerting to read the criticism for those of us who have come to Toronto to attend the award show. It is imperative that those affected by the floods know that they are not forgotten and we are working on the channels to raise funds through our industry,” the Habs actor wrote in a descriptive note. 

She added, “I can speak for myself and I am sure many other artists when I say that we have contributed to the relief funds (privately) and continue to do so. We are also partaking in auctions and fundraisers here for the victims, tickets for which have been sold out. We are trying to do our best we can with the platforms we have. I look forward to returning to Pakistan and to continue my part, as the rehabilitation of our fellow citizens after their horrific disaster is our collective responsibility.”

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