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Meet Sonnet Mondal: India poet to perform at Pestext International Literary Festival

Many literary festivals around the world are making a tangible comeback as the world returns to normal following two years of periodic lockdowns. Indian-English poet Sonnet Mondal, who is based in Kolkata, has been invited to three top literary festivals in Hungary, South Africa, and Turkey, in the coming months of October and November.

The literary festivals in which Sonnet will be performing include the Pestext International Literary Festival, Budapest, Hungary; followed by the Poetry Africa International Festival, Durban, South Africa; and the Offline Istanbul International Poetry Festival, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Mondal, elated over the invitations, said, “The poems which I will read will be mostly from this book, with some poems from my previous book, Karmic Chanting.” 

Earlier this year, Copper Coin Publishing released Mondal’s most recent book, An Afternoon in My Mind. 

The original English versions of Mondal’s poems will be read alongside translations of them into Hungarian and Turkish during the course of these festivals.

The themes of Sonnet Mondal’s poetry include nature, society, nostalgia, and a desire to look back on the past without changing its course. 

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