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Optical illusion: Can you find the hidden grasshopper in nine seconds?

An optical illusion in which you have to find a hidden grasshopper within nine seconds is going viral on social media.

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The picture is that of a wheat field with the sun rising and shining. A hidden tiny grasshopper is basking in the sunshine and having fun by moving from one wheat pod to the other.

The insect loves to play hide and seek and has camouflaged itself between wheat plants. It has laid a challenge for you to find it within nine seconds. 

A person, with excellent observational skills, can easily find the grasshopper. It is hidden in wheat plants but can easily found if you observe closely.

It has latched itself onto a plant just away from the centre of the picture.

“Can you find” puzzles and games are entertaining. It improves a person’s observation and eyesight skills. 

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“Can you find” puzzles and games are entertaining and improves a person’s observation skills and eyesight.

An optical illusion asking viewers to find a hidden cat among buildings within 10 seconds is going viral on social media.

We can see rows of white and black skyscrapers of different sizes and shapes. The illusion is facing tricky to solve due to its intricate pattern. “Can you spot the cat?” is written on the picture. 

Social media users claimed of finding the feline within five to ten seconds. But some netizens were facing problems doing so.

If you are facing a problem finding the animal, cast your eyes under “Can”. The viewers can figure out the cat’s whiskers and ears.

Netizens, who were successful, claimed of finding the animal within 10 seconds. However, some criticized brain teasers as too easy to solve.


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