Meghan Markle plagued with anxiety: ‘Looking like a sad desperate puppy’

Meghan Markle is becoming a ‘desperate and sad looking puppy’ riddled with ‘inner anxiety’.

This shocking claim has been brought to light by body language expert Judi James in her interview with Page Six.

She started by addressing Duchess’ apparent anxiety that was visible from her “frequent hair flicking.”

According to James, “Meghan looked like a woman waiting for her cues rather than pushing herself forward.”

language expert Dr. Lillian Glass also weighed in on everything and pointed out how, “Usually, we have seen Meghan with a smile plastered on her face, whether it is appropriate or not.”

Before concluding she also added, “There is no question that she was in fear, as she hung on to Harry’s hand for dear life as they walked together. She was serious and even stood back when Harry was speaking to someone. Usually, she is front and center, but the fact that she hung back was very telling of her fear.”

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