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Tom Cruise gives triumphant fist pump after filming scenes for Mission: Impossible 8

Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise gave a victorious fist pump following shooting gripping scenes for Mission: Impossible 8 in the Lake District on Tuesday.

In the latest pictures, obtained by DailyMail the Top Gun: Maverick star, 60 was seen smiling as he chatted with a member of the crew after they returned to filming following a week-long break.

The day of shooting enthralling scenes for the latest instalment in the action franchise appeared to be a success as Tom pumped the air with his fist in celebration.

Tom, who plays Ethan Hunt in the famous movie franchise, cut a casual figure in dark jeans and a navy T-shirt, which he paired with black boots.

The action star was seen climbing into a helicopter and leaving the set in style after filming wrapped up for the day.

He has been busy filming tense scenes for Mission: Impossible 8, which is scheduled for release on July 7 next year.

In recent weeks, Tom has been seen shooting daredevil stunts in the Lake District, including showing off his skills as a parachutist as he swooped to the ground while performing sky acrobatics in scenes filmed earlier this month.

Earlier this month, a group of local walkers in the Lake District got a surprise when they stumbled upon Tom filming Mission: Impossible.

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